The Duke of Sussex joins Mental Health Organization


The Duke of Sussex recently joined BetterUp, a mental health and coaching company based in the United States. He will serve as the company’s ‘Chief Impact Officer’. Prince Harry himself said in a statement. News from The Wall Street Journal.

The US company Betterup is headquartered in San Francisco. The organization provides advice and training to various professionals to develop mental health, create a collaborative and cordial environment in the workplace.

Alexi Robichaux, Co-founder and CEO of BetterUp, told the media that Harry did not have to contact any of the company’s staff or people who came to him for services. He also mentioned that Prince Harry has “an amazing personality and he is packed with passion and excitement”, according to BBC News.

His job is to provide necessary advice on the company’s strategic decisions and charitable initiatives, to monitor whether they are working properly, and to speak publicly about various issues related to mental health in the workplace.

Expressing excitement about his new job, Prince Harry said, “I am really happy to be associated with BetterUp. When I first met Robichaux, it seemed that they were very serious about making professionals more efficient through their mental development.”

While explaining why he joined BetterUp Harry said during his ten years in the military, he discovered that mental resilience is just as important as physical resilience. In the years since, the thousands of people and professionals he had had the pleasure of meeting and learning from have influenced his view of what resilience is — and how they can develop it.

Harry has learned in his own life the power of transforming pain into purpose.

BetterUp was founded in 2013 in San Francisco, California, USA. The company is providing services in 49 languages ​​in 6 countries of the world.

However, the position that Harry has been hired for can be seen in non-profit organizations, but the position of ‘Chief Impact Officer’ is rare in the corporate world.


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