The philosophy of Happiness in 2 minutes


You might have money to buy everything.
But you might lose everything that money can not buy.

We in our whole life, search for happiness, but we forget happiness is a feelings that already exists within us.

Our life can goes ups and downs , but happiness is a constant thing and stays with us always. It is we who needs to allow it so.

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It is us who makes rules to be happy. Like, I need this to be happy, these are the right thing for me, these are bad for me and so many more…! We make conditions to be happy, certain environments we perceive to be happy.

We all believe in some stories of having perfect life. And when we fail to achieve that life, we become unhappy.


Happiness is not a material that you have to achieve. It is simply a feelings that you just need to decide to feel. Not from tomorrow.  But from very right now.
The Secret Sauce of Happiness

If you do worry about the past. Your worries can’t change what already happened. If you get anxious about the future, it’s not arrived yet. The presence is all you have. We have to live in the MOMENT to find happiness at this moment.

It’s doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have anger, sadness,fear etc. These are also part of your emotions. But don’t let these distressed emotions to destroy your happiness.

Bad things can happen in our life but we need to also focus on that amazing thing can happen too. Our Happiness is independent whatever happens.

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