The husband of a newlywed  19-year-old girl, who studies in college, had to go abroad due to his job just after a few days of marriage. A few days later, suddenly, the girl became unconscious in her father-in-law’s house. Since then, the girl would often become unconscious, sometimes with convulsion. She was taken to the house forcibly violating all the advice of doctors when no results were found positive. Doctors couldn’t find any physical illness after doing many tests and the doctor said that it was a mental illness but her relatives did not agree on it. So they evaluate themselves that it is not any mental illness rather a disease named Upri’ and there is no need for medical treatment for this kind of particular disease. It is the result of bad air (an unearthly thing).

Her family started her treatment in the wrong way. She was given bad treatment like an amulet and a special type of water. Eventually, she was dragged towards dark. 

The story is not just about this girl. It is a very familiar scene of our society. At present, in our society, the greatest obstacle to the treatment of mental patients is the misconception, misbelief, prejudice, and negative attitude of the common people towards mental illness and its treatment. There is also a lack of a necessary referral system. Common people still do not consider mental illness as a disease rather they think that it is maybe a curse or black magic or bad winds, etc. and as a remedy, they use special water or oil; wrong treatments.

Some mental illnesses also have physical symptoms. They are neglected day after day by marking them as a pretense. Majority of the people do not have that mentality to accept the fact that a person can have physical symptoms due to mental stress or conflict. And although some people consider mental illness as a disease, they are reluctant to take necessary medical treatment due to various social causes or fear of public shame. As a result, these patients remain in darkness day after day instead of having mental peace or sound health.

Therefore, as far as possible, all the wrong ideas should be identified by knowing about mental illness and its physical symptoms. There is no alternative to the scientific treatment of any mental disease. A psychiatric patient should get the proper treatment breaking all the stereotypical ideas about mental illness for the betterment of the person, family, and society. All psychiatric patients have the right to have the appropriate treatment and be illuminated in life.

To be continued…


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