Too Much Stressed? Walk It Off !

Walking is good for mental health too
Going for a Walk can be a stress-reliever


Depression,anxiety patients need regular exercise or walking in addition to medication. I often give this advice. Walking releases some neurotransmitters from the cells in the brain which help to reduce depression in a natural way. We can’t walk much due to our busy life. Many times people say they don’t have time to walk. However, if we follow some methods, we can easily walk. E.g.

1) Walk and talk with your kids while dropping them to school. It benefits both of you. You are helping your child in making a healthy habit. And spending close time with him. And this moment will be remembered by both of you for the rest of your lives.

2) Get off at a station or two before going to the destination from the office. Get down and walk to your destination or place of residence.

Then when you go home, your mind will be fresh. The chances of a fight will be reduced. You will feel energized.

And if you use public transport, you will save some money with which you can buy something beautiful at the end of the month.

3) Use the stairs rather than using the elevator in the office. Eventually you will become habituated to it. Your figure will also come in a nice shape.

4) If you have your own car, park it in a parking lot a little further away. It will be a little walk for you to get in the car and go down to the office. The body will also become clean unknowingly.

5) Choose a restaurant a short distance away for lunch or breakfast and walk. This will make walking before and after meals. Food will digest better.

6) If possible, keep someone with you while you walk. Talk and walk. However, do not use headphones while walking. This can often lead to accidents.

7) If you walk in the evening or at night, you must not choose a secluded place. Many go out for walks with pets. That, of course, is not bad. However, care must be taken so that pets do not get dirty everywhere in the call of nature.

8) Both men and women must use flat comfortable sandals or shoes to walk. Ladies must not walk in high heels. It is common in health conscious fashionista ladies to have hurt their ankles while walking in high heels!

9) Better not to eat anything while walking. It gives the stomach a bit rest as well as keep the environment free from pollution.

Remember, if you drink two glasses of water in the morning and walk for ten minutes, your body and mind will be active throughout the day.


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