Unhealthy coping mechanisms: how do we develop it?


When a person loses control of his mental state and is overwhelmed with grief, he thinks that if he turns away from the situation, everything will be resolved. But that never happens.
Happiness and sorrow both are part of our everyday human experience. It is very important to keep oneself mentally strong in times of grief. If one avoids his own weaknesses, the danger always increases, never decreases.

Today when our minds are disturbed for any reason, we tend to keep ourselves busy through social media. Many of us eat a lot at this time even though we have no physical needs. We like to keep ourselves busy in between eating. That can be a way of coping with stress. However, these are unhealthy habits and these malpractices do not do any long-term benefit.

We all want our mental anguish to go away very quickly, we do a lot of things without thinking of a permanent solution to the problem. These are causing more chronic mental and physical problems rather than contributing to a peaceful life.

A few reasons for developing these unhealthy coping mechanisms are:

1) Shifting attention: Watching movies, getting drunk, spending too much time on social media, or eating too much – all these things a person does to divert his attention from any unpleasant thoughts or mental distress. But these do not provide a lasting solution to mental distress, in fact these drain the person even more day by day.

2) Avoiding discomfort: Many people try to keep themselves only in a familiar circle. In new environments, new jobs, many people face unease, fall into uncomfortable and embarrassing situations and often fail to meet goals. To avoid these unpleasant situations, most of us do not want to go beyond our traditional boundaries. This makes our world smaller and it also increases our grief a lot.

3) keeping oneself occupied with instant gratification: Many people find their own satisfaction in temporary happiness. This is the most important thing in life. They forget that they have to endure hardships to improve their lives. We have to concentrate and try to get better even if we fail. The fear of suffering results in choosing the path of cheap happiness. Which prevents him from getting a taste of success in life.

Everyone should try their best to gain mental strength. This is a two-way street. The more emotional strength we gain, the easier it will be for us to forget the emotional turmoil and control our emotions, the better we can control our emotions, the better our mental capacity will be.

Being able to deal with uncomfortable situations is also a skill. Like other skills, it requires practice to improve. It is high time to realize that the more we believe in our own abilities, the more our self-confidence increases, the more our mental strength goes away and the more our personality matures.


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