Every person has a mind. We take heart and mind together from conventional ideas. In reality, the mind’s position is in the brain. Our brain is made up of fine nerves. These nerves are connected to each other. This nervous system circulates nerval information through the nervous system.

Thinking, consciousness, intelligence, emotions, feelings, ability to express, understanding the surroundings of the world by experience, all are the integrated work of various nerves of the brain. When someone is facing many changes like changes in thinking, emotional changes, memory impairment, changes in witnessing and judging and these are expressing in his speech and conduct, he is considered to be suffering from a mental disorder. But if these changes are causing troubles and pain for the people around him, making his life miserable, affecting his daily activities, disturbing his workplace, damaging his relationships, and above all if it is harming the patient’s sleep, eating, etc. and affecting the society, only then he should be considered as a mental patient. 

There have been many prejudices and misconceptions about mental illness around the world. Many people think in many ways, such as it is the magic of Jinn or Fairy, the influence of black magic, the consequence of sin, and many others also think that the patient is deliberately doing this nonsense. So, thus it becomes too late for proper treatment of mental illness. By then the complexity of the disease has created already. There is a tendency to keep mental patients away from society. So, in secret, they ask help from absolute touts like Pir, Fakir, Kaviraj, Sadhu, and king of the Jinn, etc. and they spend a lot of money for nothing. In the meantime the patient becomes terrible.

And then they come to the doctors and psychiatrists forgetting the social shame. Many clever Kabirajes also say to the parents that they have treated him properly to make him free from the Jinn or magic and now he has some problems in his brain and that is why you should visit doctors. Actually, the main thing is public awareness. Mental illness should be recognized socially and stately. Only then the darkness will be cut.


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