Workaholism: Passion or Obsession?

workaholism is unhealthy when it's an obession
The workaholic is so preoccupied with the professional work that he has no personal, family, and social life.

Dr. Shahriar Faruque Anik

Workaholism is a behavioral problem where a person cannot restrain himself from working or is obsessed with his professional work. But we know that anything more than normal is not good. According to Gautama Buddha, ‘Excess of anything in life is poison.’ The workaholic is so preoccupied with the professional work that he has no personal, family, and social life. All of his divine contemplation is confined to his professional work and professional success.

Unlike other addictions, workaholic or work addiction is not considered harmful, instead, it is almost always appreciated socially because of the professional success of the workaholic. Everyone’s compliments, on the other hand, professional success together make the workaholic dousing more on work day by day.

Workaholics come to the doctor with a variety of psychological problems, even if they do not seek medical help directly. Such as depression, inferiority complex, restlessness, insomnia, unexplainable body ache, unreasonable anger, irritable mood, complications in marital life, deterioration of the personal relationship, etc. In other words, even if he is successful in his professional life, his personal life is often not happy. Workaholics have some signs that the person is addicted to his work. Such as:

  • Always busy.
  • Instability.
  • Always worried about work.
  • Lack of leisure time.
  • Disinterest in recreational activities.
  • Always in an irritable mood.
  • Sudden anger.
  • Working in the office or workplace outside of certain working hours.
  • Doing office work at home or on holidays.
  • Irregular eating and taking care of one’s health.
  • Forgetting small things.
  • Various complaints in marital life and the continuous deterioration of personal relationships.

From the above symptoms, it can be easily inferred that the quality of life of a workaholic declines over days. Since work addiction is not considered bad socially, even if these people are unhappy in their personal life, they do not understand the cause of unhappiness. As a result, his condition gradually worsens.

when the passion becomes an obsession, at one stage he can even start hating his work which used to be his sacred contemplation once.

Remember, professional work is an important part of the bigger aspect of life but there are other parts of life which are equally important as well. And to live a wonderful life, all of its parts must be lived wonderfully. So in professional work, if you follow certain things, you can easily avoid being a workaholic. Such as:

  • Refrain from all of your work at least once a week and give time to yourself and your family.
  • Set aside a certain time each day to eat and get at least 6 hours of sleep. Avoid eating while working.
  • Refrain from working more than 48 hours a week.
  • Eat at the same table with your family at least once a day.
  • Take care of your own health.
  • Do not get busy with office work again after coming home from the office.
  • Spend leisure time with children and family at least one day a week or two.
  • Set aside time each day for the child, talk to him, find out about other things, including his studies.
  • Visit somewhere with the family at least once or twice a year.
  • Read a book or do some healthy recreation.

Happiness and professional success are equally necessary for life. So let’s work to enjoy life instead of spending your whole life at work.


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