Zoom meetings: detrimental to health?


Recent studies have shown that excessive ‘video conferencing’ or discussion through video has a negative effect on the mind and body of the participant.

Due to the current epidemic, the tendency to do ‘home office’ has increased. That is why we have to resort to video medium to exchange views with colleagues or bosses from home. And the most widely used system is ‘zoom’. Excessive “zoom meetings” or “video conferencing” are harmful to staff, according to researchers at Old Dominion University in Virginia, USA.

‘Zoom exhaustion’ is not a lie. More than fifty professional staff involved in various jobs were selected for this study. And after regular video conferencing, they are asked to submit their feelings in writing through question and answer. The observational study, published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, found that only seven percent of participants reported no fatigue. In the case of others, it had a negative effect. Although it is less in the morning, it increases in intensity as the day progresses, they said.

‘Zoom meeting’ is really tiring. In a report published on the mental-health website Cypost, Old Dominion University professor Dr. Andrew A. “The bottom line is that it’s not a lie to feel tired after a video conference,” Bennett said. This experience is not unique to anyone, it is seen in most cases.” Fatigue was found in 92 percent of those who participated in the study.

Causes of fatigue

We have to pay extra attention to the video meeting, that is why we feel more tired. Talking and exchanging views through video is less than face-to-face discussion.

PsyPost reports that just as students try to focus on teachers during class, members also try to focus on the camera during the zoom meeting, which increases stress.

Ways to relieve the fatigue of zoom meetings

To eliminate the fatigue of the zoom meeting, Dr. Bennett made three suggestions:

First, try to hold meetings in the morning or at noon. Somehow it is not after dusk.

Second, mute the microphone when you are not talking.

Thirdly to have the right idea about your own ‘group’ or team.

Dr. According to Bennett, “maintaining a good relationship with the team reduces fatigue a lot.”

Having good relationships with colleagues reduces emotional turmoil as well as increases interest in meetings. We have to keep in mind that sitting still towards the camera can cause various harms to the body.


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